Fighting climate change wins in court

Posted on July 2nd, 2012 by Tammy Hui

The news was buzzing last week about the Supreme Court ruling on health care. But there was another major court ruling that you might not have heard about, and this one is very important to the fight against climate change.

Last Tuesday, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and environmental advocates scored a big win in court. Challenges by industry groups and states seeking to overturn seminal EPA rules aimed at regulating greenhouse gas emissions were rejected by the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.

More than 60 petitions challenging the EPA’s regulations were consolidated in one case, Coalition for Responsible Regulation v. EPA, and argued before the D.C. Circuit in late February. In its unanimous decision (PDF), the court held that the EPA’s finding that greenhouse gases “may reasonably be anticipated to endanger public health or welfare” was scientifically sound. The court also held that the EPA correctly interpreted the Clean Air Act to require it to regulate not only mobile sources of greenhouse gas emissions (i.e., from cars and trucks), but also stationary sources of greenhouse gas emissions, such as coal-fired power plants. This was an across-the-board victory.

At a time when the EPA repeatedly comes under attack for keeping Americans safe and healthy, this decision was a huge win. Let’s do our part by continuing to support the strong federal limits on carbon pollution, and share your voice here.

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